Katy specializes in creative direction and post-production, earning her Bachelor's in Film and Electronic Arts from California State University, Long Beach. As a sponsored skateboarder and surfer, she holds a considerable presence in the action-sports industry, having collaborated on video work with a multitude of big named brands and artists including: Almost Skateboards, Active Ride Shop, KR3W Denim, WeSC, Led Zeppelin, and more. Her ability to direct motion and action proves no less than exceptional and her industry experience allows her to target specific demographics with compelling visuals. She has ample experience creating video content fully optimized for websites recognizing her professional career as a video editor for a major web-tech company (editing videos for high-end clients such as Cinnabon, Wetzel's Pretzels, Pepsi, etc). Her relentless determination and creative-thinking proves no project too big in making the impossible possible.




Jordan began his career on the opposite end of the camera, finding himself completely enthralled with video and creative production as a young teenager. His early start in the industry provided him the opportunity in working on various projects ranging from professionals at Chapman University to Richard Linklater on the set of Bad News Bears. Also an avid surfer, skateboarder, and snowboarder, his considerable background in the action-sports community and film industry grants him the ability to produce visually superior content that seamlessly reflects a client's objective and story. As a former employee to multiple brands such as Active Ride Shop, Billabong, and Hurley, he understands the industry's niches better than most professionals. Now he has been more driven towards capturing anything that will enable him to express his artistic point of view. His industry knowledge and innovative tactics consequentially redefine quality, professional content.